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Unleash the full potential of your fish oil with Lýsi Life

You probably already know that fish oil is a vital dietary supplement. But do you also know that fish oil supplements can be tailored to fit your needs? At Lýsi we specialize in creating customized omega-3 solutions to help unleash the full potential of your fish oil. That means we combine omega-3 base (either liquid or capsules) with other functional supplements according to your personal needs – whether you have sore joints, need to boost your skin or want to protect your heart.

We see it as our task to deliver the highest possible quality omega-3 solutions, ensuring that you get all the essential fatty acids, DHA and EPA, to help you stay healthy. Omega-3 fatty acids are among the most comprehensively studied nutrients on earth. They are a family of polyunsaturated fats that we must get from the diet, as our body does not produce them on its own, except in a very limited way.

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Lýsi Life understands the conditions of modern life. This is why we believe your fish oil supplement should be easy and hassle-free. We let you decide whether you want to buy your fish oil one pack at a time, or, if you want a monthly subscription and have your oils delivered to your doorstep with minimum purchase obligation.

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The Lýsi Story

How it all began

The story of Lýsi began in 1938 with two brothers, Tryggvi and Thordur Olafsson. Thanks to their innovative and visionary mindsets, they founded a company that soon became Iceland’s largest producer of cod liver oil – which it continues to be to this day.

Knowledge, quality and invention never go out of fashion. That’s why Lýsi persevered and kept its head high for generations. Today, Lýsi is recognized as the world’s leading fish oil producer, providing quality products for better health and well-being.

Lýsi today

Lýsi is now well into its third generation, with Tryggvi’s granddaughter Katrin Petursdottir at the steering wheel since 1999. She is as much of a pioneer as her predecessors, and lifted the Lýsi spirit to another level when the Lýsi laboratories were approved by AOCS (The American Oil Chemist Society). Today, research and product development is stronger than ever, which is why Lýsi is the world leading fish oil producer.

World leading fish oil

Lýsi’s principal products are cod liver oil and other fish oil products such as Omega-3 and shark liver oil. And it isn’t just any oil. Being the largest comes with great responsibility. Lýsi leads the field globally because we only use the purest fish caught in the unpolluted Icelandic waters, ensuring a product that is made from the purest ingredients for highest possible quality.

Lýsi is all about innovation and development, which is why we are also involved in the pharmaceutical use of fish oil. The combination of the latest research and constant engagement in new technologies brings about an excellent product that sets the bar globally. This might sound complicated, but what really drives Lýsi is making a product that keeps your body and mind healthy.

World leader in marine lipids

Our know-how has made us the world's leading producer of marine lipids, including Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) certified fish oils. Over the years we have invested in research and development (R&D) in collaboration with leading international pharmaceutical firms and research organizations. Lýsi's regular research partners are the University of Iceland and Matis, the Icelandic Food and Biotech R&D.

We are constantly engaged in developing innovative new technology and production methods to improve productivity and product quality. Lýsi's know-how has ensured our ISO-9001 international quality standard rating and in 2014 we became registered as an approved API fish oil producer. We can now offer API fish oil products to end-consumers and other manufacturers of licensed medical products, enabling us to supply some of the biggest names in the pharmaceutical industry.

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