For decades, Lýsi has looked to the sea to create high quality omega-3 rich products formulated for your health and needs. Choosing from our variety of omega-3 fatty acid supplements is an efficient way to reduce overall inflammation, support your heart, brain, and eyes, and even a healthy pregnancy. We’re your one-stop source for blends specially crafted to fit your personal needs at each stage of your health journey.

World Leader in Marine Lipids

Our know-how has made us the world’s leading producer of marine lipids, including Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) certified fish oils. Over the years, we have invested in research and development (R&D) in collaboration with leading international pharmaceutical firms and research organizations. Lýsi’s regular research partners are the University of Iceland and Matis, the Icelandic Food and Biotech R&D.

Innovative New Technology

We are constantly engaged in developing innovative new technology and production methods to improve productivity and product quality. Lýsi’s know-how has ensured our ISO-9001 international quality standard rating and in 2014 we became registered as an approved API fish oil producer. We can now offer API fish oil products to end-consumers and other manufacturers of licensed medical products, enabling us to supply some of the biggest names in the pharmaceutical industry.